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Choosing Air Conditioning

What is an Air Conditioner?

The term air conditioner applies to a product that, by using the physical properties of a coolant, can lower air temperatures and often lower humidity.

How Do They Work?
Air conditioners use the same basic principles to achieve a cooling effect as common household fridges and freezers, but the cooling is directed into a room and not the inside of an appliance. The systems operate by utilising the physical properties of air to remove heat energy and water vapour.

At room temperature, water is liquid, but when heated it becomes a gas - steam. Cooling the steam returns it to its liquid form. Reversing the process has a cooling effect. By returning the liquid to a gas it has to regain heat energy by taking in heat from its surroundings - rapidly releasing cool air.

The Cooling Circuit
The cooling circuit is made from a thin pipe forming a closed loop through which the liquid or gas flows. Throughout the circuits length there are various exchanges of heat energy. The substance changes its saturation of water vapour and ultimately its state from a liquid to a gas. The final emission is a low temperature gas with the excess heat being expelled outside the building.

Some of the different types of unit:

• Centralised
• Partially Centralised
• Packaged or Split System
• Multi Split System
• Window Air to Air
• Air to Water
• Monoblocs
• Split units

There are a large variety of systems available to suit every need and budget. From monobloc portable units available for short term rental to centralised installed system with numerous ducts costing many thousands. One of the most common office systems is the ‘Split System’ which can be installed on a room by room basis with an external cooling unit and an internal duct.

Important Things to Consider

An air conditioned office not only offers a more comfortable working environment but research has proven it has marked effect on staff efficiency and safety. According to statistics the optimum temperature for worker performance is at 18 degrees Celsius, at 24 degrees productivity falls by 10%. Above 24 degrees workers are 23% more likely to have an accident. These statistics make a convincing argument for the implementation for air conditioning.

The Environment
Traditionally the gas used for fixed air conditioners were CFCs which were found to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Modern air conditioning units use alternative environmental friendly gases.

The initial cost of installing an air conditioning system can be prohibitively expensive. Some companies prefer to install in an ad-hoc room by room manner to avoid such large capital out-lays. Others rent a portable air conditioner during the summer months; however, this is very much a short term solution. Nowadays many office building come with an air conditioning system pre-installed so such decisions are not necessary. It is however important to remember that the running costs of an air conditioning system can add significant cost to the rent of office space.

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