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Q. What is the lowest room temperate possible with air conditioning units?
A. Most air conditioning units support temperatures as low as 19°C, but a more comfortable setting is around 20°C. Low temperatures can have a detrimental effect on the air handling unit causing it to freeze.

Q. How do I know the size of air conditioning unit I need?
A. Measure the room you intend to air condition and contact your supplier, who should be able to recommend the most effective solution.

Q. Can air conditioning systems be self installed?
A. With smaller mobile units or portable systems this is possible; it is merely a case of positioning and plugging them in. Larger units require professional assistance to install, especially ceiling mounted units. Contact your supplier for details.

Q. What is a ‘heat pump’ system?
A. It is a standard cooling air conditioning system but additional controls and valves allow the normal cooling operation to reverse on demand; providing hot air as opposed to cold. This makes the normal indoor cooling section a very powerful, safe and economical heater, and the outside section that would have dissipated the heat becomes the cooling section.

A totally ideal arrangement that allows the air conditioning to act as both cooler or heater and therefore allows the systems full use throughout the year. The drawback is that the system is dependent on the outside ambient conditions, which can have an adverse effect on its ability to operate.

Q. Are faults common with air conditioning units?
A. The single most common fault is blocked drains resulting in dripping water. The amount of moisture removal that air conditioning units can accomplish in the damp British climate is considerable. Luckily however most are very simple to clear and then flush through with detergent. Household bleach is an excellent cleaner, in diluted form, to flush the drains and condensate tray with.

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