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Add you Link and Description

We expect the directory to expand over the years so a listing on our directory will help to promote your company and we fully expect the Air Conditioning Directory site to be a really useful resource for anyone searching for air conditioning throughout the UK - United Kingdom in England, Wales and Scotland - we will feature a site of the month so clients are welcome to recommend an air conditioning company stating the reasons why they deserve to be featured.

Webmasters are most welcome to add a reciprocal link to our web site as follows:

1. Insert the HTML between the <body> and </body> tags of the html of your web page.

<a href="">
src="images/logo.jpg" width="221" height="54" border="0" alt="air conditioning directory"></a>

This will automatically add the air conditioning directory link and hyperlink to your web page as follows:

air conditioning directory

or right click on the image above, copy and then paste the image onto your web site

2. Publish the web page to the web

3. Contact us with your details as follows: name of company, village/town/city/county/country and web site address

4. We will check you have added our link to your web site and we will then add your details to the Air Conditioning Directory site

N.B. We will NOT add your listing to our web site if we do not see our link on your web site - no links pages will be accepted or links and we will only list air conditioning web sites. We also will make regular checks to ensure our link is present on your web site. Please note that it will take a little while to add your details as we have many requests every day for inclusion in the Air Conditioning Directory site - please be patient.

We do list some air conditioning companies or directories with no reciprical links for a small fee of £25 a listing per page as a one off fee however, our main priority is to list actual air conditioning web sites in the UK

Please click on the links below if you are looking for air conditioning companies in the uk offering air conditioner services, air conditioners and airconditioning installation in England, Wales and Scotland:



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 CF Environmental ServicesSite of the Month

CF Environmental Services
CF Environmental Services Limited are specialists in design, installation and after sales servicing of air conditioning and associated ventilation systems for retail, offices, commercial and domestic premises.

CF Environmental Services Limited supplies air conditioning to a varied client base, from small businesses to large PLC companies and in a wide range of industries and Commerce.

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